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Employee Story: Babita Modi

CodersBrain presents Babita Modi, who believes that it is never too late to restart your #career if you are passionate about it.

It is extremely difficult for a married woman to re-enter the workforce after a five-year hiatus but Babita Modi did it.

Initially she thought it would be difficult to manage work and family together and it could affect her personal life. But her passion of working and managing both made it plain that it would have no affect on her personal life or the lives of her #family. But she was given the option to work from home here, so that she could work while caring for her family. Working with two children is challenging for a mother. Besides having to handle her professional work, she also has to tend to her household chores and look after her kids. She is also staying with a joint family. She graduated from a reputable institution with a bachelor’s degree in #engineering. She had started working for a multinational corporation in Bangalore as a #softwaredeveloper. She married after a year and she had to quit her job, relocate to Faridabad. She had two children after that, Chirag and Himan, and she had no time to pursue her career. Then, in January 2016, she started her #hr career with Coders Brain, and through time, she learnt everything there is to know about HR, and now she works at Coders Brain as a Senior Accounts Manager. She restarted her professional career after a five-year break. She said – The #workculture and environment of Coders Brain appear to be a perfect match. I am enjoying working in a pleasant setting with a calm and easygoing atmosphere, as well as the people I worked with. Working with Coders Brain is simple for me since the work environment is highly flexible, it is easy for me to work and manage my family. And now I want to see Coders Brain in a #fortune500 companies list.


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